Ceramic is one of the best choice for covering walls because it is highly resistant and easy to clean.
Ceramic tiles offer multiple decorative possibilities for homes or surface in large public and commercial building.
We offer an extensive catalogue of ceramic models that includes original relief design and collections that evoke natural materials such us marble or wood.


We supply bathroom wall tiles featuring original and innovative design to meet any style need.
A wide range of colours, from natural and pastel tints to lively and marked shades, glossy and satin surfaces, various sizes. Floral and geometrical decors, romantic or minimalist designs to satisfy different tastes and create unique and personalised bathrooms.


Our kitchen wall tiles are in line with the latest design trends and perfectly combine with the colours and fabrics of design elements. 
An original touch to personalise this room of the home, creating functional and comfortable spaces as porcelain stoneware does not scratch, is wear resistant, non-absorbent and easy to clean.


The natural stone and stone veneer, are suitable to enhance any architectural space and every design style, from rustic to modern, in accordance with the standards of green architecture.