Contemporaneo Interior is constantly looking for suppliers and we use cutting-edge technology products to provide the creation of functional environments where the technologies match at the service of the needs of the client.
Contemporaneo Interior offers a FREE, no-obligation, office space planning service for all of our customers.


We have an experienced design team ready to help you create your ideal environment

As part of this FREE process, we will:
-Attend site with an experienced space planner to conduct a site survey to record your product and space requirements
-Produce detailed, dimensioned drawing ( in plan view and 3D perspective)
-Discuss any amendments or changes you may require and produce a final drawing
-Produce a fully detailed quotation, cross referenced to the drawing


“Uno spazio vuoto è come una tela bianca in cui il Designer con professionalità e competenza traccia le linee del tuo ambiente, disegna gli spazi e definisce il tuo stile tenendoti per mano fin dai primi passi…fin dalle prime pennellate in un campo immacolato”